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8 Effective Ways To Organize Your Home Office Space For Maximum Productivity

If you lead a particularly busy life, you know that the simplest things bring the greatest amount of joy. Clearing the kitchen counter by the end of the week feels akin to winning a gold medal. Getting laundry folded and put away in the same day deserves a million high fives. Finally filing the paperwork on your… Continue reading 8 Effective Ways To Organize Your Home Office Space For Maximum Productivity


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Vintage Indigo Textiles

Lately I have been loving on vintage indigo textiles.  Why might you ask?  Well, it could be that vintage indigo textiles slightly resemble a good old set of broken-in blueprints (and it’s pretty easy to be attracted to the familiar don’t you think?!?)… Image Or it could be that I am loving the beautiful blue colors in… Continue reading Vintage Indigo Textiles


Kitchen Trends – Open Shelving

I have to start off this post by apologizing for the lack of blog posts in 2013.  I just realized that it has been a full month (and then some) since my last post. But here is the low-down. I have been incredibly busy at work (you know, staying late, working on the weekends, having… Continue reading Kitchen Trends – Open Shelving

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Mad About: Sleeping Dog Artwork

My husband and I were heading back inside from our walk with Sumo (our Shiba Inu) yesterday and a neighbor got on the elevator with us.  We held back Sumo (as we usually do) so that she did not bother him because she loves to smell strangers.  He noticed this and said, “It’s okay, I’m… Continue reading Mad About: Sleeping Dog Artwork

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Pale Blue Kitchen

I came across this lovely, pale blue kitchen after perusing the blog, The Klein, written by Lein Klein a Copenhagen-based acclaimed editorial photographer.  The kitchen is designed by Københavns Møbelsnedkeri and photographed by Line Thit Klein.  Between the periwinkle-esque blue monochromatic color scheme, the wall of cabinetry with clear glass doors, and the natural wood parquet flooring, I love it… Continue reading Pale Blue Kitchen

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Six Things I Like (lately)

I mentioned in my last post that I may (or may not be) turning 30 this year.  And lately, maybe because I am getting older and wiser, or maybe it is just pure luck, I feel like I have stumbled across some really great new things.  And I just don’t think it would be fair… Continue reading Six Things I Like (lately)

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Sunday Afternoon Nap and Kantha Quilts

Today I would like to be taking an afternoon nap in this bedroom… Image And speaking of this bedroom, I want to talk about how simple it is to dress up your space and make more original and unique by adding a Kantha quilt. Kantha quilts originate in India and they are known for their… Continue reading Sunday Afternoon Nap and Kantha Quilts

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Winter Vacation in San Diego

Here I go again: going not days but weeks without blogging.  I promise to get into a routine again soon.  I am still using the excuse that I have been incredibly busy at work and also traveling again.  And… So on that note, I recently spent a long weekend in San Diego with my high… Continue reading Winter Vacation in San Diego

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Skiing and Sundance Film Festival

So I blame my lack of posting lately on the combination of a week-long vacation to Utah and an incredibly busy period at work that were both sandwiched by two nasty colds.  And because much of my time recently has been spent at work (which is not great material for a blog post), today I… Continue reading Skiing and Sundance Film Festival

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A good night’s sleep is made of these…

And who am I to disagree. So today I’d like to be… 1.  Getting ready for bed in this warm and rustic bedroom… 2. While wearing these comfortable pajamas… 3.  And taking a little bit of Melatonin (just in case!). We give a small dose (that was recommended by our vet to our dog when she’s anxious)… Continue reading A good night’s sleep is made of these…