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Bold Bedroom Ideas

Below are some bold bedroom ideas for the brave sleeper:

Bold Idea #1: Throw symmetry out the window! When you have a long wall that is to be used as the “bed wall,” a simple solution is to implement asymmetry. This allows the user to utilize as much space as possible while keeping the bed as the focal point of the space. When placing the bed in the center of the loonnngg wall, things might look symmetrical and great at first glance, but we lose a good amount of useable space. The designer in this bedroom put the piece of artwork symmetrically over the bed, and only moved one big element (the headboard) to give the room the asymmetrical and well-planned look. By adding a few accessories and personal touches, and voila! your bed is the focal point of the room and looks great (even though it’s not centered on the wall).

Bold Idea #2: The alternative to the traditional headboard. In this space the designer demonstrates how modern wall paneling can be used in combination with bold prints placed closely together on the wall to create a trendy “headboard.” This combination of materials still places all focus on the bed while creating a fun alternative to the standard headboard design. So get rid of your headboard and then you’ll have the extra wall space available to hang those cute pictures you got on vacation!

Bold Idea #3: Bold color! Designers always have to be extra careful when using bold colors in bedrooms. Too bright and intense can cause feelings of unrest and anxiety which could detrimental to those who have trouble sleeping (think insomniacs =). In the space above, the designer uses a bold color that is subdued and creates a cozy and relaxing space. The white paneling below helps to stabilize the color, making it not quite so harsh. However, bold color does not just have to apply to the walls. In this space, the bed also has lots of punches of color. Once again, the bright colors are stabilized by the white underneath, but the reds and greens compliment the deep brown on the wall and help to tie together the other accessories in the room.

Bold Idea #4: Bold Color! I know, I already said this. This “bold idea” is for the users who really like actual bold color (none of the subdued stuff thank you very much…). In the space above, the bold color is placed on one wall. Behind the bed. So once you’re in bed or asleep, it’s out-of-sight, out-of-mind. But when you’re awake, you still get the cheerful color on your walls (just not on all of your walls!). And it always helps to integrate the color in other ways throughout the bedroom, you don’t have to be obvious and use it in the throw pillows or bedspread, although this is a simple and cheap way to do it.

*All photos from iStockphoto.


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