Fall has arrived (and with it some amazing colors)!

Where do you get your inspiration? As the seasons change, so do the colors we see. On a crisp, fall morning at the farmer’s market, I saw this beautiful combination of peppers, and yes, there are purple ones! These cheerful colors can brighten your day, so why not use them in your home?

Here are some basic guidelines to follow when adding bright colors to your home:
1. When using bright colors as accessories, REPEAT! The effect is much stronger when you pair say one red pillow, with another red vase, and so on. This is not to say that it all has to be solid color though, which brings me to #2.
2. Mix in patterns, BIG and small. Patterns have a subtle effect in the overall look of the room, but they also will subtly tie a room together (no strings attached!). Remember, if you want to add pattern, that big patterns work well on very large pieces, while small patterns work well on small pieces. Think proportionally. But make sure you get a good mix of big and small patterns, because one big pattern next to another big pattern can be a no-no if they’re too close in shape!
3. Don’t be afraid to use a bright color on a big wall. But keep a few things in mind when you do! One is, the color will be a shade more intense than it looks on the swatch, and two is, it looks different in different times a day, so don’t forget about that direct sunlight. Three is, if you have a small room, remember that warm colors advance and cool colors recede (aka, if you have a small room, stay away from the warm colors on the color wheel, and vice versa for a big room). And if you’re worried about painting all four walls, try an accent wall (& keep the others white!).

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