Interior Design

The Homebuyer’s Checklist

Whether you’re looking to buy or looking to sell or looking to buy and sell, I have put together the “homebuyer’s checklist” for you to keep handy throughout the process. Working in the past as an interior designer for a real estate development company, we had one major goal to work towards on every project: GET IT SOLD! To aid in this goal, we created a laundry list of deliverables to produce the quick turnover of our spaces. I narrowed down this list to a few of the basics including tips I learned from working with real estate agents and buyers. Whether you use these ideas as attributes to look for in your potential or current home, you can be guaranteed that quite a few of these items are on all buyer’s minds.

1. STORAGE! I cannot emphasize this one enough. Closets, closets, closets, and even bigger closets. You can’t go wrong with too much storage, you can however be faulted for too little. While enough kitchen storage is an obvious one, the bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms and entryways all require their own storage space as well. And FYI, the Master bedroom is called ‘Master’ because everything is a little bit bigger (and if we’re lucky, maybe a lil’ bit nicer too!). So it’s always a good idea to have a larger closet in the Master bedroom (because there is good chance that two people will need to share this space!).

2. Double sinks in the Master bathroom. Don’t forget, it is called ‘Master’ for a reason, everything needs to be bigger and better. AND meant for 2 people of course! I’m sure any of you who have shared a sink with your significant other can see the importance of double sinks, goodbye sink sharing arguments, hello personal space! Although the picture below is a quite luxurious space, it displays one way to incorporate double sinks.

3. Stainless steel appliances (in the kitchen that is).

4. Granite countertops (most important is in the kitchen, but it’s an added plus when they are used in the bathrooms as well!).

5. Hardwood floors throughout is a nice touch and often looked for in new homes, even in the bedrooms, as shown below. When setting up your home for a showing, an area rug is a nice touch to cozy it up a bit! It’s a bedroom and should feel comfortable : )

6. Tile or wood floor in the kitchen. Both look nice, and if you can’t decide, my opinion is that I prefer tile due to the high activity and traffic in the kitchen. Tile is a-lot-a-bit easier to clean and won’t be as affected by those liquid spills!

7. Curb Appeal: First impressions count! Besides having an upkept lawn and a landscaped walk way to your home, the actual colors of your home will affect buyer’s first impressions. Insider tip!: Incorporating 3 different colors (or textures! i.e. wood) on your home can provide a more eye-catching, charming or unique appearance. Think an accent color (for doors, shutters, parts of trim, etc.), a neutral trim color and the “everywhere else” color (which could be brick, wood, or river rock as well!). The exterior paint on a home really defines the homes personality, so get creative!

8. Neutral interior paint, like shown in the bedroom below. Try to avoid any shocking colors that may distract from the other great selling points of your home (so bye, bye to that highlighter orange bedroom, stat!).

9. Parking! And I’m talking about a garage or a parking space with storage included. Yes, I said storage. Again. People need this outdoor and informal storage for a variety of uses, including a safe place to protect their car from the elements.

10. Windows and views to the outside maximized. While a certain number and size of windows are required for square footage and in certain rooms, more windows = the illusion of a larger space.

…Stay tuned for more great tips!


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