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As I flew into O’hare airport on Sunday night (and after waking up from a short nap!), I caught a glimpse of the city of Chicago, lit up in all of its glory, with dazzling colors mimicking the jeweled-tones of the evening’s sunset. The combination of the bright lights and glimmering sunset was reminiscent of the sparkle and glam that is the perfect setting for the holiday season both in homes and fashion. Without overdoing it, adding a little bit of glamour to your home in the form of accessories is a great way to bring a little bit of *sparkle* into your life. When implementing think: pieces that reflect light with shiny &/or shimmering surfaces, different textures, as well as bright punches of holiday color. These accessory pieces can include anything from vases, ornaments, lamps, throw pillows, to even as big as a brightly painted accent wall. The best backdrop for this “ornamentation” are neutral pieces that will balance the space. Below are some great options from local stores for giving your home this PIZAZZ…get in the spirit!


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