Interior Design

The entrance to my space defines….

What’s defines an entrance and what does an entrance define? Well, besides being the opening to a home or a space, it can be a lot of things, and some descriptions that come to mind are: privacy, security, status, decoration, mystery, seclusion, and hmmm, the list goes on and on. However, an entrance is most classicly defined with a door, which can come in many forms. A very large or highly decorated door could be viewed as a symbol of status, while a very colorful door may bring your house a lot of character and discussion. I’ve always had a strong interest in doors, especially after studying Feng Shui and learning the importance of the location of doors and entrances to spaces. While studying abroad in China, I researched this topic quite a bit, and during that research I took a lot of great images that I wanted to share with you today! Some of the entrances below are colorful and highly decorative, while some of them demonstrate careful placement to ensure the flow of chi, and others represent basic construction built simply to provide safety. Take notice of all of the doors you encounter today and what story they might tell for the space they represent. You might uncover some fascinating ones you pass by daily…

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