Friday Fun with Five More Funky Chairs…

When we go chair shopping, we usually consider 4 basic factors: comfort, size, color, and style. BUT! sometimes those factors need to be thrown out the window for a sculptural and artful chair that will add pizazz, spice, and personality to a room. (and sometimes you may get the added bonus of STORAGE! (Yes! We LOVE STORAGE!) like the chair shown below….

Leave it to .nobody&co. to create these useful and colorful “Bibliochaise” chairs. Hello space saving techniques—-check out all of the storage! Now don’t forget to add this chair and ottoman combo to your next library!

Next up! Some word play with the BBB ‘Pick Chair.’ These simplistic, black and white chairs are a great addition to any modern, eclectic home.

I heart this “Funky Blast Chair” by Opulent. It comes in a variety of colors of Kvadrat’s Magenta 2 line. I would love to see it in a neutral cream color and place it by a window for some amazing shadows, bee-a-u-ti-ful!

Tired of the same-old family photographs hanging around your house?? Try customizing this ‘Renoma Photo Bergere’ by Distant Origin. A modern idea on a traditional piece! Impress your pooch or make your loved one feel special by putting their mark on this masterpiece!

Last but not least, the ‘Dharma Lounge’ by Canadian compnay Palette Industries makes a statement with 5 words defining the chair: STAND, FORGET, BREATHE, ACKNOWLEDGE, & OBSERVE. Once again, spectacular shadows would come from these!

Stay tuned for more great product updates!


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