Tannins, Tawny, and Tastings

Yesterday, after a very loonnngggg day of work, I came home to yet another UPS package (which to my suprise was filled with wine!). I instantly began having fond memories of my AMAZING trip to Oregon wine country a few, short weeks ago. My fiance and I visited Willamette Valley (pronounced Wil-am-it, not Wil-a-met, as we thought pre-trip). In Wil-am-it Valley we discovered an endless array of wineries, vineyards, and tasting rooms. And, seeing how we only had two short days to visit our fair share of these, we had to pick and choose.

First, we decided to set camp in Dundee, Oregon at the Inn at Red Hills. This turned out to be an excellent choice for both the great, central location to all of the attractions of Willamette Valley, and for the elegant and quite comfortable rooms (The rooms had Sleep-by-number beds, soo comfy!).

We visited some great wineries on our trip, and Torii Mor and Dobbes Family Estate were a great start for our first evening (and they were both quite close to our hotel). The next day we visited Lenne, which was up on a hill and had amazing views! Oh and did I mention they also had AMAZING wine? We tasted a few great Pinot Noirs while chatting up the friendly and very knowledgeable winemaker/owner. Our next stop was Penner Ash, which was a bit crowded, but had some delicious wines and an adorable golden retriever running around the property. Then we stopped by Brickhouse, which had a quaint little tasting room/cottage. VERY GOOD WINES! Especially the Pinots. And great people too. And they had a really great old, worn-in leather couch that I kept eyeing. Speaking of, I’ve been looking for the perfectly aged leather chair and I found this exquisite Parisian leather chair at Restoration Hardware that I had to share….

Although, it is unfortunately SOLD OUT :-(! Looks like there is more leather chair research to be had later on…but for now, back to the trip. Last but not least on our tasting trip was Maresh.
(view out their back window)

Not only did Maresh have a gorgeous view, but we also admired their interesting wine labels with cute, little red barns. They even let us take a few labels home with us—I’m thinking some sort of craft hour is in order, possibly homemade coasters?? Oh, and yes, once more, delicious wines! So, to summarize, we came to Oregon loving Oregon Pinots and we left Oregon LOVING Oregon Pinots.

So, enough of the wine talk, let’s talk about some wine-inspired interiors. I am loving the color combination of burgundy, vintage tan and pine green mixed with rustic woods and thick, heavy furniture!

I found a few interior spaces that really epitomized what I imagine as a wine country home. So put your feet up, relax, pour a glass of pinot, and while you let the wine breathe, enjoy some wine-spired interiors…

via Country Living
via Country Living

I love these antique, stacked wine crates that are used as unconventional wine storage in this dining space from Country Living. This casual look is cluttered and chaotic sophistication!
via House Beautiful
via House Beautiful

In this home from House Beautiful, these unrefined, brick and stone arches matched with neutral, heavy furnishings provide the perfect rustic backdrop for a wine country space.
via House Beautiful
via House Beautiful

In this home from Elle Decor, the simple addition of wood beams on the ceiling will provide a picturesque, country-kitchen look. Don’t have naturally occurring wood beams in your home? You can “faux” them at Faux Wood Beams…check it out.
via Elle Decor
via Elle Decor

via Elle Decor
via Elle Decor

And, when you finish your wine bottle (and before you RECYCLE it!), don’t forget you can always REUSE it as a casual-eclectic centerpiece!

(Photo taken in Maine, more on that trip later : ) Until next time, cheers!

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