Today I’m loving: chalkboard paint, behind the bed

This weekend I ate dinner at The Bristol in Bucktown. Their locally grown and seasonal menu with Mediterranean roots was amazing and is sure to satisfy! and after a bit of a wait, we were situated in a great, corner table next to large chalkboard wall listing the unique flavors of that evening.

And while I could go and on about how scrumptious the menu was, their decor really had me thinking how much I have always loved the use of chalkboard paint in a room. While it is not only useful, it is also playful, interactive and makes a strong design statement. And although it seems naturally obvious to use chalkboard paint in a kitchen (to write grocery lists and recipes), or a kids room (for their craft hour), or even an office (to write tasks and to-dos), I think an amazingly unusual use is in the bedroom, and more specifically, behind the bed. Why, do you ask? Imagine going to sleep and scribbling inspirational quotes on the wall to wake up to, or goals to get you started in the morning, or even just nightly prayers and wishes. Something is magical, whimsical and also quite eclecticly-chic about using chalkboard paint in the bedroom. Not to mention, it feels like the perfect backdrop to a restful night of dreaming :-)….

So I found a few images that I think help illustrate this idea, and I absolutely LOVE this room! that I found at Style at Home. The soft yellow, tufted headboard provides a structural backdrop to the free-flowing chalkboard whimsy behind. I happen to love this color palette as well, with the dark-violet gray, muted and vibrant yellows and deep plums mixed with light violets.

And this great picture is from Anthropologie, (btw this is a great place to find unique doorknobs and little accessories!) They came up with a creative and affordable solution! The space utilized an old-school chalkboard as a make-shift headboard and then chalked on a faux headboard design.

via Anthropologie
via Anthropologie

And last but not least! A beautifully elegant space featured in a past Domino magazine. This space used light neutrals to offset the dark chalkboard paint which demonstrates that a space can implement this feature while also remaining masculine and simple.
via Domino
via Domino

And, for more paint ideas, including some chalkboard paint vendors, check out my previous post, “The ‘How to’ for Perfect Paint!”

and with that, it’s Monday morning (& daylight savings time had me up EARLY!)…anyone else ready to go back to sleep?!? πŸ™‚

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