Whimsically wildly wonderful, design.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m always in search of a good bargain! And, not only do I like a good bargain, but I also have a strong fondness towards all things FREE. Designers are in constant need of inspiration to feed their visual and creative cravings, and that being said, inspiration does not need to cost money! With technology today, interior ideas are not only FREE but readily accessible with so many great design blogs, internet shops, etc, etc. But still, nothing can compare to fresh, glossy magazine pages which you can sift through while sipping your morning coffee or while commuting on the train. And, although I do subscribe to my fair share of design magazines, I can’t help but jump at the chance to nab a FREE one when the opportunity arises. And lucky me, there is a CS Interiors (ahem, Chicago edition) magazine stand situated perfectly in between my bus stop and my walk to work. And this magazine, although FREE, is nowhere near lacking in the design inspiration department. In the most recent Fall 2010 issue, I came across a beautiful Chicagoan interior I wanted to share. This West Town space is home to Marisa Molinaro and Jerry Kleiner (who, by the way, among other things is co-owner and designer of one of my favorite Latino restaurants, Carnivale).

The colorfully rich textures and mix of small and large printed patterns blend to create a cozy and playful interior. This design style also continues up and onto the walls. Instead of one, large piece of artwork on the wall, the duo created a statement by clustering unique frames in different shapes and sizes. This design element is a great way to personalize a space. Like a collection of books in a library, this ‘art wall’ can represent your own collection of images that you’ve gathered over time to reflect your own taste and interests.

I love the careful combination of color and texture in these larger spaces. The spaces utilize very subtle and dull, off-white walls and reflective and dark, wood floors and then add drama and intrigue with brightly colored and whimsically shaped chairs and pillows. Another interior element at play here is the architecture. The interior architecture in this home is proportionally sound which helps draw your eye to the fun and unique details of the furniture. Remember, if your home happens to have the luxury of LARGE spaces and tall ceilings, don’t shrink the sizes of your doors and room openings, ENLARGE them!

I also keep admiring this crazy combination of classical elements such as traditional rugs and tables, mixed in with organically shaped chairs donned in exotic fabrics. These rooms are truly statement spaces, screaming, “C’mon, don’t take your interior sooo seriously!”

Pillows are a subtle and affordable way (you know, we are talking about bargains today!) to introduce colors and patterns into a space without being overwhelming. The substantial amount of pillows in this space also adds to the friendly and comfortable atmosphere.

Okay, so I’m not sure I’d ever be to fall asleep with bright, screaming yellow walls, but I would definitely be able WAKE UP!…and, I can’t stop looking at this image, the color combinations are intriguing.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my little snapshot of CS Interiors magazine, and maybe next time you too will pick up your FREE copy. ๐Ÿ™‚
Photos from CS Interiors magazine, photography by Tony Soluri

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