Baby it’s cold outside…(& I’m dreaming of warm interiors!)

The amazing, sunny, 50-60 degree Fall weather days Chicago was having came to a screeching HALT! when this Chicagoan woke up to a bitter cold apartment one morning last week. And lo and behold, I awoke this morning to the arrival of the first winter storm warning of the season and shades of gray and white peering back at me through the window. Hmmm, the reality of the next three to four months has truly set in. F.R.E.E.Z.I.N.G. COLD! And, while I am not particularly a huge fan of frigid, cold weather, and the first few weeks can be quite a shock to the system, this cold weather has me dreaming of beautifully dressed, winter inspired interiors. And speaking of stylish winter havens, my recent issue of Elle Decor came in the mail just in time for some leisurely Turkey Day reading. In the December/January issue, one space in particular really epitomizes what I’ve been dreaming about…so grab a blanket, slide into some slippers, grab a cup of HOT cocoa and enjoy!
Photography by Miguel Flores-Vianna.

Thinking of taking a dip in the nice ICY cold river water?!? Me neither, let’s take a look inside instead…

I am loving the juxtaposition of these two living spaces. While they both have similar architectural features such as wood beam ceilings and rustic walls, and are both centered around the source of heat and warmth (aka the fireplace), they are dressed in opposing design directions. The space above utilizes a polished and COOL color palette with dark purples, blues, grays and icy whites in combination with some delicate furniture pieces such as the glass coffee table and dainty side table. While the space below opted for a more playful and WARM color scheme with bold red and bright orange accents mixed with deep browns and creams and more substantial accent pieces. This space is a good example of how different colors and furniture schemes when planned well can be incorporated into the same house and yet still feel like one cohesive home. I am partial to the WARM environment below on this COLD afternoon.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it! These tall ceilings are beautifully adorned with meticulously aged wood paneling and beams for a natural and unrefined look and feel.

Designer Tip from a Northern gal: a friendly and intimate interior (or exterior!) can never have too many blankets, too many pillows, too many fireplaces or too much wine! I am loving the casual and cozy atmosphere of this outdoor covered porch below.

This interior is a modern take on good old fashioned bunk beds. It takes space saving techniques to a whole new level with the four bed nook. And not only do these bunk beds save space, and look welcoming with whites, pale blues and punches of bright color!, but they also provide a functional living environment for those sharing a living quarters. The addition of the individual light fixtures and curtains provide privacy and flexibility for the dwellers to dream at their leisure.

And, last but not least! I absolutely LOVE the colors, textures and materials in this bathroom below. The perfect combination of shiny and matte surfaces, delicate and substantial pieces, and rustic, polished and ornate detailing = soothing, restful, and elegant!

Check out the latest issue of Elle Decor for some more great winter images. And until next time, stay warm and if you’re in Chicago, enjoy the first snow (I know my little fuzzy fur-ball sure is, snowballs are a nice change up from sticks)!