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Blustery weather leaves me craving color!

In staring out my apartment this afternoon, straining to see beyond the ice crusted to the window, all I can see for miles and miles is: pure white! (oh, and a few tops of houses peering back at me…).

Between the white-out conditions and constant hum of the wind, I find myself craving some COLOR and comfortable spaces to relax in. Since I had the afternoon off (thank you Mr. Blizzard), to stay indoors mind you, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to pour myself a large cup of coffee, go through some of my old design images and magazines and find some colorful & cozy spaces to share. And, lo and behold….I found some! So, grab a blanket, throw some slippers on and stay WARM while enjoying these colorful spaces!

Anyone in the mood for an afternoon nap in this dramatic and colorful bedroom?!?…Yes please!

Image via Domino Magazine.

A colorful, patterned sofa, textured ottomans, and a large collection of books add interest and intrigue to this living space.

Image via Domino Magazine.

This space was hard to pass up! It is just waiting for someone to cozy up and relax by the fire with a book!

Image via Domino Magazine.

COLOR! in the form of artwork and accessories (in this case pillows and books!) can turn a simple and understated space into a memorable and distinctive living space.

Image via Domino Magazine.

I love the subtle mix of color, pattern and texture in this space.

Image via Domino Magazine.

Strong neutrals combined with one colorful statement piece (the RUG!) create a cozy dining space for this home.

Image via Domino Magazine.

I love this colorful NYC eatery that combines primary colors of blue, red and white in unexpected shades along with rustic and refined elements to create a relaxed atmosphere. This is a place I can imagine relaxing in today…

Image via Domino Magazine.

I bet you never thought color could come in the form of neutrals!?! Using deep shades of neutrals in combination with lightly colored background pieces can create a warm and inviting retreat.

Image via Traditional Home.

When your decor is leaving you a little bit colorless, don’t shy away from using a full wall of books to bring the color and liveliness back in!

Image via Domino Magazine.

Last but least, if only a small fire and a few blankets could keep us warm outside….sigh.

Image via Domino Magazine.

Only a month or two left before we start to feel the crisp, warm Spring weather! So until next time, keep warm and safe!

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