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Green with Envy

The color GREEN is symbolic of a few things. Number one in my book is sustainability. Number two is the Green Bay Packers. Number three is my pup’s first and favorite toy, Mr. Green. Number four is money, oh and of course, Alan Greenspan. Number five is GREENpeace. And number six is, well….Shamrocks and Leprechauns! And, with it being St. Patty’s day and all (Happy St. Patrick’s Day by the way!), I somehow ran out the door this morning sans any GREEN! Perish the thought. Lucky for me, I’m not in elementary school anymore so I stealthy sped through the day without any pinches :-). But as a part-Irish gal, I can’t go an entire day without donning some sort of green! SO, I thought the perfect place to show off some green was my blog. Now don’t get all ‘green with envy,’ but some of these green spaces are quite lovely…

As our old pal Kermit used to say, “it’s not easy being green…” and it may take some careful planning and perfect placement, but these spaces sure do make it look worth the effort!

1. Via Elle Decor, design by Nate Berkus, 2. Via Domino, 3. Via Elle Decor, Photographer Tara Striano, 4. Via Primed4Design, 5. Via DecorPad, 6. Via Veranda, design by Shannon Bowers, 7. Via Coastal Living, 8. & 9. Via Anthropologie


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