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Writing on the Wall

Recently I took a trip to Oregon (specifically Willamette Valley and Portland). And coming from a somewhat rainy and cold Chicago, and after Willamette Valley having some 40+ days of rain, along with our visit the SUN finally came out! AND, besides the PERFECT weather, we also had AMAZING wine and DELICIOUS food. What more can a girl ask of a vacation?!?

While in Willamette Valley, one of our first great meals was at The Painted Lady. The restaurant sits inside an old, restored Victorian Home. The interior emits warmth and comfort with muted pastels, intricate, off-white trim details, wood floors and soft and elegant lighting. Amid admiring the interior, I started to become extremely FULL after our five+ course meal. And when I get FULL, I start daydream, and I could not stop staring at the beautiful chandeliers. So I took a picture…

After admiring a few light fixtures, and enjoying a few more wine tasting visits, we took our little rental car over to Portland.

This photograph I took made me reminiscence about all of the free spirits living in Portland. The laid-back lifestyle felt in Portland. And it also reminded me of all of the great coffee, great beer and great food in Portland. While there, we had the opportunity to eat at Beast, which entailed yet another delicious, six-course meal (along with wine) that lasted a FULL three hours. Needless to say, after the meal, I yet-again felt FULL, satisfied and um, happy :-). A feeling which now also makes me think of Portland. And during my food coma, I found myself daydreaming again and could not not stop staring at all of the writing on the walls in Beast. Whether it was quotes, foods, interesting tidbits, or even the location of the hidden bathroom, there was a lot to take in…

I was thinking, it is funny how the sight of certain words can drum up a series of memories in the blink of an eye. And, I couldn’t help but notice how much writing there was on many of the walls in the city…

And there is no doubt that writing on a wall makes a strong statement, so I thought I should, you know, write about it. Whether it is a direct or an indirect message, writing on a wall sends a message. And messages can be meaningful and can evoke specific memories. Just like a home uses pictures to remember, a few words on a wall could also provide a similar reaction. Now the question remains how should words on a wall be applied? There are many, many options for application, and creativity is key:

Whether it be on a piece of artwork…

on a romantic neon sign…

on a chalkboard…(you know I love chalkboards)

or even on wallpaper in an a bathroom (for some leisurely reading)…

While there are many different applications for posting, the bigger question remains, what do you write?!?

1. Via Elements of Style Blog, designer Kishani Perera, 2. Photography by Henry Wilson, via this is glamorous blog & House & Garden, 3. Via Mama without borders & House Beautiful


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