bed hammock · relaxing interior · Sunday Afternoon Naps

rest and relaxation

Sunday is the day for rest and relaxation, but this weekend I began my rest and relaxation on Friday evening and kept it going all through Saturday as well. And after a long, and L A Z Y weekend, I found myself taking naps in rather unusual places including: on the sofa, on the floor next to my pup, in the car (not when I was driving of course!). And these naps got me thinking, or shall I say d r e a m i n g, about how great it would be to nap just about anywhere…

And why not make that porch swing just a wee bit bigger so it can double as a bed?!?

Or take the old-fashioned hammock…

to the next level…

A girl can dream, but until I have the space and means to make my own, I’ll have to make do!

Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4, Image 5 & some inspiration found on pinterest, sign up!


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