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when it rains

There’s rain in the forecast tomorrow. Again. I used to be someone who appreciated enjoyed the rain. Curling up in a blanket with the rain humming on the windows (not to mention another excuse to sleep in longer), relaxing on the sofa watching a marathon of House Hunters International, stomping around in rain puddles in my super cute, green, Hunter boots. Ah, those were the days. Now, when it rains, all I can do is worry about my stressed out little pup. Who hates storms. Hates rain. Is afraid of the newscaster on TV. Trembles at the sight of an umbrella. You get the picture. So, I’ve tried wrapping her in things, like my scarves…

Hmm, she still looks nervous. I’ve heard dogs feel safer and more protected when they are wrapped up in things. I’ve also considered purchasing a ThunderShirt. Yes, I did say a ThunderShirt. It’s like a Superman costume for dogs. Once they put it on, they can survive anything.

But anyways, when I worry about my pup, I also daydream about the sun. Sunshine. Pouring through my window. My pup basking in the sun by the window. Light filling up our living area….

And so yes, tonight I will be dreaming of the sun. And waking up in this sun filled forest wouldn’t be so bad either…

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