Friday Fun

TGIF! The day started out with a long, nice walk with Sumo (and some beautiful weather). Sumo once again begged me to go to the beach, so we snuck over there for a bit (and I am glad we did, the view was also beautiful).

I had the day off today, so after my long morning walk (and some breakfast), I took a trip over to the SPA. At the spa, I had the luxury of getting a massage, a facial and a hot pink manicure. I have my fiance to thank for that (best birthday present ever, or at least in the past year). So, anyways, the nice walk, beautiful weather, vacation day, and the spa put me in such a great mood, I thought what better end to an already great day would be to share with you some of my absolutely favorite spaces.

Now this is what Monday morning should always feel like…There is truly something astonishing about being able to glance into a space and instantly have a warm and fuzzy feeling. As a designer, the number one thing I always strive for is…COMFORT. The combination of cobblestone flooring, bold rustic dining tables and elegant chandeliers is also one of my favorite combinations!

Now I LOVE when a designer takes something unusual and rustic and plops it somewhere unexpected. The look of this old factory window as a shower enclosure is exquisite.

Wide plank wood floors with that oh-so-perfect worn-in look, draperies that are just a wee bit too long (and yeah they catch dust, but whatever, they look beautiful and cozy!), and white walls — again, another one of my favorite combinations.

Another gorgeous bathroom! I love how they adorned the walls in this bathroom as if it were a cozy study or small living area.

Okay, I have many more beautiful spaces to share, but my dog is requesting a walk…(and she will scratch at the door until she gets what she wants!)

Not to mention there is also a hot pizza stone in the oven waiting for a pizza to be made and cooked. So, until next time…
Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4

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