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Bathroom Renovation: Before & After

I’ve been meaning to post about a bathroom renovation that I worked on that was in desperate need of an update! The traditional, all-brick, midwestern home was built in the 1920s, so in keeping with the period, we worked to create a vintage restoration with some modern characteristics that worked well with house. The bathroom was a tight space and you could barely open the door without running into the cabinets. We installed a pocket door to combat this issue and then reduced the cabinet space by installing two small vanities instead of one large one. We replaced the built-in cabinet with a custom design that reflected the style of the home more appropriately.

Below are some before and after snapshots which is always my favorite part of design – seeing the transformation.




By replacing the large, expansive mirror and long tray of lights with two small framed mirrors and small sconces, you bring the bathroom back to scale and make it more personal with individual vanities and mirrors.

(Is this a kitchen?!? Look at all of the wasted storage space on that cabinet!)

After: (The floor-to-ceiling cabinetry maximizes storage, with 42″ H shelving for the bottom unit makes the working space easily accessible. We also reduced the cabinet depth to still accommodate towels but to allow for more moveable space within the bathroom).

& More AFTER pics:
Flush cabinetry proves for a flawless, streamlined look. Our contractor did an AMAZING job with this built-in!

Last but not least, a built-in light in the shelving unit provides better visibility (and an elegant glow!):

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