Guest Post from Design Shuffle

Just as I was starting to get my head around blogging again, I was in contact with Design Shuffle to do a guest post. Perfect timing! So while I get used to the schedule of blogging regularly again, a guest post from Design Shuffle will help to move things along. Not to mention their website is an amazing resource for interior designers and the like, so if you haven’t been, you should really check it out. Without further ado…

Hi, I’m Susi, a writer over at Design Shuffle, a great website that promotes designers and their work from around the world. It’s a great place to find inspiration and share projects. I’m so happy to be visiting Inspired Interior Ideas Daily as a guest blogger today. My guest post is inspired by all the gorgeous pastels seen on the runways for spring 2012. And we all know fashion and interior design are related; what we see on the runways, we’ll see in our homes. Hope you enjoy and thanks for letting me stop by!

Fashion inspires Interior Designs

The palest pink and gray makes for a beautiful pastel bedroom that has a romantic style. With a few touches of gold, this pastel space has a glamorous feeling.

Fashion inspires Interior Designs

Perhaps a little unexpected in a living room, pastel pink makes for a feminine feeling space. This pink has a lot of cream in it, which makes it a warm, complimentary color.

Fashion inspires Interior Designs

Pretty pastel greens on the wall and linens mix with slightly deeper yellows in this fresh pastel bedroom. The layering of pale pastels and deeper colors as accents is beautifully done.

Fashion inspires Interior Designs

Pastel walls in shades of lavender and mint green create a gorgeous backdrop for the bed. A pastel hued bedroom is a soothing, calm space that makes a great escape at the end of the day. You may even love to use these pastels in any living room designs!

Fashion inspires Interior Designs

Lovely pastel yellow is a cheerful color for a home office that isn’t too jarring. The contrast of the pastel yellow and the pink in the stairs is an inspired interior design idea.

Fashion inspires Interior Designs

Pastel blues and greens give this space a seaside, coastal feeling. Aqua is a beautiful pastel blue that mixes well with other pastels as well as white and brighter colors.

Fashion inspires Interior Designs

The lavender on the walls of this dining space is a beautiful choice. Paired with a greige upholstery on the settee, this color combination has a sophisticated style.

Fashion inspires Interior Designs

Beautiful peach on the walls in this bedroom design is a flattering color. The mix of peach and white with warmer accents of beige and cream is lovely.

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Pastels are taking over the runways so why not bring them into your interior designs! For inspiration, check out Design Shuffle, where you can learn about interior design styles and connect with Boston interior designers and much more!

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