Pinch of Plaid

I have a small crush on plaid.  I was recently reading my new subscription to Martha Stewart Living, which I am seriously loving, and came across these fun DIY stockings, in plaid no less.  There is something about plaid patterns and accents that always seem to catch my eye.  I love it when plaid is subtly used in a space.  It has this masculine, rustic, and sort of fun-holiday-festive feel to it.

Plaid is a great accent pattern to use in a space because it combines so easily with other patterns and textures.  And provides a cozy, warm feeling, perfect for next to the fireplace.

I also love it when you see modern chairs (like these white Saarinen tulip chairs) combined with a pattern like plaid.  It’s a fun juxtaposition because plaid feels preppy and old school and modern furniture has that sophisticated feel.

Plaid can be a very subtle pattern when shades of the same or similar colors are used.  The chair backs provide nice texture and variety to the space while keeping the table cohesive with similar colors.

And we can’t forget about plaid clothing…

And if only I had some time to relax this today in a cozy, plaid blanket…

Or bundle up in one of these warm wool blankets!

Last but not least, using a plaid blanket as a table cloth when dining outdoors is a festive option!  Now only if it were warm enough outside to do this now…

Happy Holidays!

Image 1, Image 2 (Domino Magazine), Image 3, Image 4Image 5, Image 6, Image 7, Image 8


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