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Happy Headboards

I have been recently loving brightbold, and happily patterned fabrics in the bedroom.  A few of my favorite bloggers have posted images of their bedrooms that are sprinkled with colorful, patterned hues.  Amber Lewis’s bedroom below is one I particularly LOVE…

I love the combination she uses of different patterns and textures that blend together for a beautiful bohemian bedroom!  You can find a similar quilt to the one on her bed at West Elm.  (which recently has had some fun, unique and affordable home goods btw).

I also love the simplicity of the bedroom below with the white, textured walls and linens which lend more attention to the brightly striped headboard. I also appreciate how the lace decals on the pillows create a soft juxtaposition to the hard lines and strong hues in the headboard.  It is a perfect mix! (photo from Pinterest)

Last, but not least, another blogger I love is Joanna Goddard.  She recently made over her bedroom and I think the color combinations in her room are rejuvenating!  The bright, mustard deeply-tufted headboard is nicely complemented with the playful, patterned pillow she selected.  I am also loving the wall color she went with–a light pink/peachy color which serves a warm, inviting, and happy space.

I am posting about these bright, caffeinated hues because it is a sort of dreary and cold Saturday morning (okay fine, I suppose it is the afternoon now).  I think the cold, crisp air caused our pup to wake up early, so it was perfect for an early morning walk with Sumo….

But the long walk and dreary weather was then easily followed by a LONG morning nap….

And now as I am enjoying some coffee (and attempting to wake up and be productive) while the pup still gets a bit of more that nap in….

I can’t help but wonder, if maybe I had some more bright colors in my bedroom, I would be more rejuvenated on the weekend mornings and wouldn’t nap so much…

Then again, napping on the weekend isn’t the worst thing in the world either…




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