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A day of eating and drinking in Italy…

When we were in Rome for our honeymoon, we didn’t exactly do as the Romans, or should I say, when we were in Italy, we didn’t exactly do as the Italians, but we made our best efforts.  The vast majority of the sightseeing portion of our trip I spent behind fixated behind my camera…(and yes, my husband did take pictures of me taking pictures, tourist much?!?)

This was also evidenced by the thousands of pictures I still haven’t even gone through.  We also spent a lot of our time sweating through the heat, and staring at our Rick Steves guidebooks.  But, besides these few missteps, we did do our best to be more Italian-esque in the few weeks we were traveling. And we did this in a big way by truly enjoying all of the food and wine.

We began most of our mornings with a small (Italian-style) breakfast.  Croissant, cappuccino, and tomato juice.  It became my instant favorite to the point where I craved it first thing in the morning.

Then, after our morning activities, we usually found a small cafe to sit outside again and eat: Pizza.  Which was delicious to say the least…

Then, after a little bit more walking and sightseeing, we would find a good gelateria and pick up some creamy goodness (aka gelato). I was partial to mixing limon with pistachio. It was very refreshing!

Then, after a little bit more sight-seeing, hiking, and perusing the Italian cities, we would have some afternoon relaxation.  This usually involved finding another outdoor cafe, ordering some red wine, a few munchies, and people watching.  My favorite place for this activity was in Venice. Whether in St. Marks Square, or in small little street, the people watching here was endlessly entertaining.

Although, I also loved our afternoon relaxation in Vernazza.  We stayed in an amazing 3 bedroom apartment with a rooftop deck overlooking the Ligurian Sea.  So each afternoon, after a long day of hiking between the Cinque Terre towns, we would enjoy some wine or the local specialty, Sciacchetrà, and we would watch the sun set.

This usually worked up our appetites again, so we would go find a good place for dinner.  We would begin our dinners with some type of appetizer, like the delicious fish dish below.

And we usually saved pasta for our main course, which never disappointed…

Then generally, after all of the food and sightseeing from the day, we needed a wake-up, which came in the form of espresso.  Neither of us had espresso before our trip to Italy, but after our first taste, we came to love it and have since bought an espresso maker.

And last, but not least, we would have an after dinner drink or some more gelato somewhere.  Either at another outdoor cafe to do some more people watching, or in Vernazza, we had the luxury of going back to our private rooftop, put on our pjs, and cozy up with some blankets…

All of this talk of Italian food has me craving homemade pizza tonight.  Ours isn’t quite as good as the pizza in Italy, but it definitely gives a run for the money…

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