White and Gray spaces

Calming hues

Let it snow! (Okay, not today and maybe only just one more time before spring).  It is no secret that the ski resorts this year have taken a bit of hit.  While the ski resorts have been praying for snow, the majority of the midwest has been basking in the fall-like weather.  I mean I’ll take a 50 degree day in January, February and March every year.  But, then again, I do love the calm gray and white backdrop of a new snow and how beautiful, still and peaceful it can feel outside when it’s snowy and cold (I mean, there’s nothing like a cold day to keep the almost 3 million chicagoans indoors).

Sumo and I particularly enjoy this weather on our walks.  Take the beach in Chicago, which on a really nice day can be jam-packed.  But on a snowy, cold day, we have it all to ourselves!

And while outdoors, the snow, gray and cold create a peaceful and serene atmosphere, the same can be said for the indoors (minus the whole cold part).  Below are a few of my favorite gray, white and naturally cozy spaces…

I seriously adore this kitchen.  It’s not your typical stark white kitchen, but instead a few shades of soft almond white blanketed subtly with blue-gray cabinets and polished silver accents. Making coffee on a hectic workday morning would feel more serene in a kitchen like this.

And who wouldn’t appreciate the space below, the warm fire, gray blankets and neutral accents cozily complement the white walls and floors.

This bedroom is also beautifully done and would be a serene backdrop to a restful night.  I love the off-white, flowing, floor-to-ceiling curtains that encapsulate the bed.  They are also delicately off-set by the warm gray walls and tan accents.

And one more beautiful space for good measure…

Even though snow is not on the docket for today, I hope you all enjoy this unseasonably warm and sunny day!

Image 1Image 2, Image 3, Image 4

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