March 9, 2012

March 9, 2012.  Do you remember what you were doing on this day one year ago, or two years ago?!? I love to reminisce about how 1 year ago at this time, or 5 years ago at this time, I was doing one thing or another. It’s fun to see how far you’ve come since that date or how much your life has changed (or not).

Well, I am thinking about this today, because two years ago today, G and I got engaged.  And while it’s not an actual anniversary, it’s always fun to celebrate it (and it is also an excuse to have some champagne).

We got engaged during a trip to St. Thomas in the USVI.  During our trip, we stayed in these little cabin style hotel rooms on the beach. And while the rest of the resort was gorgeous, we couldn’t get enough of the beach

Whether it was the beach in St. Thomas…

The beach in St. Johns…

Or the beach from a view…

Okay, okay, you get the point.  And so, since we were right on the beach, we did a LOT of relaxing! But, we did do a few fun, outdoor activities as well.  And one of those activities was kayaking–which also happens to be one of my favorite things to do (AND happens to be how we spent our first date back when we were young (G fared much better on this kayaking trip but that is another story for another day)…

After kayaking, we went snorkeling with lemon sharks and barracudas (eeep!). I was shaking in my flippers and clouding up my face mask.  But we made it out okay!

Then every night, we would walk on the beach (since it was right out our door) with a glass of wine or champagne to just relax, stargaze (because you can never see stars in Chicago!), and chat. And on one of these nights, Greg surprised me by asking me to marry him! I was in my PJs and bare feet babbling along about something unimportant and he got down on one knee (partly in the ocean). I can’t remember what all he said, because once I realized what he was doing I got too excited to think. (And, not to state the obvious, but I said YES :-)!)

Now I guess I am getting ahead of myself.  That was in the evening of March 9, 2010.  In the morning, we woke up, ordered some room service, ate breakfast on our balcony, and made our way out onto the beach for the day…

Flash forward two years, and I’m not doing anything nearly that exciting, besides walking the dog and getting ready to go to work…(as a married woman that is!).

Do you remember what you were doing two years ago today?!?


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