And another work week begins…

How are you surviving waking up on a Monday morning after spring ahead daylight savings time?!? Me? I am not exactly springing to my feet this morning, but I am wishing I was still sleeping (and a nice breeze coming out of my pretty French window wouldn’t be so bad either)…


But instead I suppose a stiff pot of coffee will do…


And some food for thought while I wait patiently for that coffee…

Image (and quote from Pinterest)

I found this quote on Pinterest a while back and I love it!  Do you enjoy your job or do you just do it for the money?!?  I would guess that in order to stay sustainably happy, your job should be something you love, especially considering the number of waking hours of your life you spend either at it or thinking about it (or when you are stressed out, even dreaming about it). It’s funny to think about things that I absolutely LOVE doing and imagine making money doing them.  My top three would be: hanging out with my husband, family and friends, walking my dog, and sleeping.  But then again, I also love reading, blogging, writing, designing, painting, and playing the piano.  Hmm, just some food for thought, happy Monday!

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