Swedish sheepskin rugs

Swedish sheepskin

Sheepskins and faux furs are often utilized as warm, cozy blankets for babies to nap on and snuggle with.  But lately I am loving some of the Swedish interiors that I’ve come across that use sheepskin rugs to soften up hard-edged chairs and add warmth to rustic spaces.  Besides bringing unique texture to a space, they also instantly create charming and relaxed interiors.

Below are a few images I’ve found that capture this design idea to help persuade you into loving these as well. The image below is from Splendid Willow Avenue, a Scandinavian online shop which also sells this beautiful Swedish sheepskin on their website.


The rustic Swedish interior below also creates that cozy atmosphere in an otherwise stark space with the use of sheepskin rugs and dramatic lighting.


Sheepskins can make an uncomfortable chair more inviting, don’t you think?!?…


Off-white sheepskin rugs and greenery add texture and life to this beautiful, light-filled interior…


I love the look of modern chairs in an otherwise seemingly traditional space. But along with modern chairs can come not-so-comfortable seating.  This is when the faux fur can sweep in to give a hand

P.S. I also LOVE the rug in the dining room below.  A small pop of magenta is a nice balance with the light neutrals, blacks and tans.

2 above images

This space below sort of feels like what you may see in a moderngrandma’s‘ house…Just something about the doily rug and tablecloth and the avocado-ish green upholstered chairs.  Hmm, but I do really like it, what do you think?!?


Last, but not least, the Whitepod Resort in the Swiss Alps also uses beautiful sheepskins to warm up their pods.  A vacation skiing in the Swiss Alps would be awesome, but a vacation in one of these pods would be amazing to say the least

Talk about a view! And I also love the old Swiss army blanket chair covers (and if you do too, you can find some blankets here and here).

Add a long day of skiing and a hot drink to the mix, and this outdoor space doesn’t look too shabby either…

So, now you know how I feel, but what do you think, are you into the whole fur thing too?!? Or not so much?

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