Photo Collages

Framed Snapshot Collages

I am about as good at printing pictures as I am at looking at the pictures I take. So it is no surprise that next on my big “interior project list” is to gather some of my favorite snapshots, apply a treatment to the photographs, and then combine them into a big poster to get framed.  This design idea would kill two birds with one stone. I could print all of my pictures at once, and have them all in one central location for viewing day in and out.

And besides the fact that it would make great use of all of my existing photography, I also think it would be a beautiful addition to our living space. Here are a few photo collages that are well-executed and beautifully capture this design idea.  You could try it with a tall and skinny frame…


And it also works well with a tall and wide frame…(if you have the wall space that is!)


And if you have children coming home each day with new fantastic pieces of art, you can utilize the same idea for their artwork! This would also help you to avoid not being able to find the handles on your refrigerator.  Not to mention it looks great in a space too!

This art piece below was created by Jan Eleni Interiors (and I first saw the design below on the TV show, Home By Novogratz – which although short-lived, was highly entertaining and contained many, fun design ideas!).  To do this, you would gather all of your children’s artwork, scan the images into your computer, shrink the images and either print them out to individually attach to one large sheet, or place them each on large image file and find somewhere to print them (I’m not sure if I’m going with this route, but if I do and find a good place to print, I’ll keep you posted!).


What do you think? Would you try this with your photographs or children’s artwork?  I will post again after I actually complete this project and show you how it turns out! Stay tuned…

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