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Weekend Recap

Per my previous post mentioning that it had been a LONG week, Sumo and I decided to stay in and have a girls night together on Friday.  We (Okay, I) ordered Homemade Pizza, which involved my new favorite combination, whole wheat crust, Roma tomatoes, fresh basil, aged parmesan and roasted garlic 🙂 along with a small salad.  Sumo stuck to her special canned food from the vet, which was nicely mixed with her probiotics and antibiotics (also courtesy of the vet, although not quite as appetizing as my meal).  Then we watched a movie and went to sleep early…

On Saturday morning we woke up to another beautiful day in Chicago!  So G, Sumo and I decided to take a very long walk.  This was the first of many walks over the weekend (in our PJs no less).

After our walk that morning, we made our standard, Saturday morning breakfast: french pressed coffee, smoothies (recipe below!) and vegetable omelet for G and egg sandwich for me.  This is the typical recipe for the smoothies we make:

  • Combine the following ingredients into a blender and blend (serves 2): 2 bananas, 1-1/2 cups of frozen fruit (my favorites are: pineapple, blueberries and raspberries), handfuls of spinach and kale, and last but not least carrot juice.  We also like to add chia powder and raw maca powder.

After breakfast and a little bit of relaxing, we went to a friends house to celebrate St. Patrick’s day.  Our friends apartment was pretty festive and while of course everyone was dressed in green, green food and drinks were also being served.  After the party we came back home for another long walk with Sumo and ordered Chinese food for dinner.  I am very superstitious about my fortune cookies (I have had some fortunes in the past predict the future, which I know sounds a little nutty, but it’s true!). Anyways, Greg and I had been having a long conversation about something that I will hopefully share in the near future, and my fortune directly related to that conversation…(mighty spooky!)

And on Sunday we woke up to yet another beautiful day.  So we took quite a few more walks with Sumo, and also went for a run outside to enjoy the weather a little more.

And we continued to see flowers slowly sprouting up everywhere on our walks (which I of course LOVE).

And I am going to be traveling for work this week and it will likely be another LONG one, so it was really nice to enjoy a relaxing weekend…how was yours?!?

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