Pendant lighting

We have come to terms with the fact that the rental market these days is incredibly steep.  The price for a two bedroom is extremely inflated in comparison to what it used to be and to be honest the places don’t even look that great.  So, since we don’t exactly need a two bedroom right now, we’ve decided to stay in our current place, keep our rent low and have more money to be flexible with other things in our life (INCLUDING: sprucing up our cute, teeny-weeny one bedroom apartment!).

So, one of the things at the top of my list for this is to update the ADD lighting.  Currently, there is a blank electric plate over our dining room table, the perfect place for a beautiful pendant.  And, not to gross you out, but more so to give you an idea of the other existing lighting in our apartment, below is a picture of our kitchen light…(and I would have taken a better picture, but the lighting was not that great…)

Yes, I know, it looks like a spaceship.  It is just plain awful.  Can’t get much worse.  Or maybe you can, but I’m looking to improve things a bit, so I won’t dwell on that.  Anyways, I am going to start the improvement with our dining room lighting.  Our dining room table looks like this:

It is made from reclaimed wood and kind of has that rustic, industrial feel.  I am thinking something colorful and unique could be a nice complement to our table.  This blue pendant light from Urban Electric Co. would be a great addition to our dining area…


I like the mixture of glass and intricate metalwork detail.  Although, I also light this Wharf Light from Urban Archaeology in both blue and in green…


AND, since I’ve been on a bit of a “blue theme,” I figured it can’t hurt to add one more to the mix.  This beautiful turquoise glass pendant is from Sundance Catalog.


Although, getting back to the basics, I also think that clear glass would be elegant, classic and timeless.  Here are a few of my favorites that I’ve found so far…

This clear glass jug is from Shades of Light…


And another option is this clear glass globe pendant from Pieces Inc…


Pottery Barn also makes a few more affordable options…

Images (2 above)

Although, per usual, I am getting ahead of myself.  First on my ‘Apartment Improvement Job Project List’ is to re-paint our entire apartment.  Which really is not as much work as it sounds, as I mentioned before, it is a small apartment.  So, I first need to select paint colors, and Benjamin Moore’s OC Collection is always my go-to.

I’ll be back again soon with some before and after snapshots as well as the paint colors we select (and of course the light fixture(s)!).  Do you have any home improvement projects you are currently working on?!?

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