Pillow Talk

So lately I have been in search of pillows.  And, not just any pillows, but brightly colored and uniquely patterned pillows which add not only comfort but interest to a space.  Pillows are an easy and affordable way to update a room and can also provide a quick punch of color to enliven an otherwise neutral area.  Below are a few of my favorite finds so far.

Clockwise from Left, The Loaded Trunk, Yellow Velvet, Shoppe by Amber Interiors, Sukan (Etsy Shop)

Recently, I have been partial to kantha and turkish kilim pillows.  Both of which have beautiful patterns, unusual combinations of exquisite colors and provide a vintage, handmade feel that renders a comfortable and easy-going space.


I ALSO love how pillows provide the opportunity to throw in layers of different colors and textures while maintaining both an understated and eclectic interior.


P.S. We just bought the above red pillows (from West Elm!) for our bedroom, and we also got a light summer quilt to go with it!  (here is an Instag.ram sneak peek)…

The general nature of window seating yields a rather uncomfortable seat, but by clustering pillows, you can greatly enhance the use of space by creating a cozier place to sit down.  Not to mention it also provides the opportunity to add a little bit of color…



The simple space below also utilizes pillows as a vibrant punch of color to add dimension and intrigue…


You can also use substantial (and colorful!) floor pillows to design a bright and cheery nook for relaxing and passing the time (like the two kiddos below)…


Speaking of richly colored accents, I came home from my long week of work on Saturday evening to some more fresh, beautiful flowers that my husband bought for me!  The yellow lilies are finally starting to bloom and they brighten up my day :-).


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