Say No To Cubes

Cubicles that is.  In case you did not realize, I work in a cubicle.  A beige one.  So you probably don’t find it surprising that I am loving looking at pictures of beautiful offices.  With windows.  And COLOR.  Yes, a girl can dream can’t she?!?

If you have to have a divider up, shouldn’t it be a beautiful, vibrant fabric?!? (The answer is yes, it should.  And it is probably much cheaper than a cubicle divider.  And if it is this beautiful, who really cares about acoustics…).


Now this is what I call ‘hard at work.’  And to have not only windows but operational windows.


And can you imagine? An office with no computer, no phone, no noise and just a beautiful photo collage?  Hmm, I can, it sounds quite nice actually…


I love this off-white, soothing office with hanging fabric memos as eye candy and an inspirational pinboard as artwork.


I also love the rustic details, white walls and punches of color in this cute little office.


Now I would love to have any windows in my office, but these windows below really hit it out of the ballpark.  Any office would work for me in this space…


Now my home office is a little bit more like the image below.  I have a desk, but I like to work at the dining table which also happens to be cluttered with many other random objects besides just my Mac.


And speaking of some of the other random objects on my dining table desk, I am having regrets regarding our recent purchase (from sweet little unassuming girl scouts no less)…

I have been secretly consuming these before my husband gets home from work everyday (shhh, don’t tell!).  I keep telling myself that the faster I eat them, the faster they will be gone and thus, the faster my guilt will fade.  By the way, if you were also wondering how delicious Thin Mints taste after they’ve been in the freezer, well, they are dangerously delicious to say the least

And with that, I should probably go walk the dog or do some type of physical activity (And yes, my cute dog does keep egging me on to eat more cookies.  Who could say no to that cute face?!?)….

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