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Lilac lust and…wolves?!?

So on my morning walk with Sumo the other day, I couldn’t help but notice all of the beautiful shades of lilac that have popped up (a big thank you to all of this nice weather we have been having). So I snapped a few pictures to share…

Aren’t the colors breathtaking?!?

And while we were admiring all of the spring colors, we also happened to be strolling past the Lincoln Park Zoo…AND, we spotted a few cute, little wolves. I happened to nab a few action shots that I also wanted to share (and these pictures also seemed to have lilac and purple undertones!).

Since I do not have a yard of my own, I love our walks outdoors when we get to enjoy the outdoors and admire the greenery, flowers and wildlife in the parks. And I have been particularly smitten with the lilac colored accents that have been appearing everywhere lately.  A little touch of lilac or purple tones can be a nice accessory to food, a space or an outfit.  Below are a few of my favorite lilac and purple colored images that I wanted to share.

A sprig of lavender on a simple white cake…


A lilac breasted roller (aka this super cute little bird)…


 A lilac suede clutch…


An exquisite amethyst necklace…


A sheer lilac blouse…


A lilac and lavender bouquet…


Which looks even better next to a wedding dress…


A soy lilac-scented candle…


And last but not least, a few lilac accessories to complement a relaxing bathroom…


What do you think, are you a fan of lilac too?!?

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