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Mint mania

So lately everyone has been posting, pinning, and talking about the color mint. Even my husband (although to be fair, he has been talking about, the website that summarizes our finances, not the color). I’ll be honest, while I love mint-flavored pastries, drinks and candies (like peppermint patties for instance), I have not yet jumped on the head-to-toe mint bandwagon and I am not completely loving mint colored clothing. However, I do like how subtly stunning mint accents can be, especially in interior spaces and on fashion accessories. So, I wanted to share with you a few of the mint colored items that I do appreciate.

This beautiful, mint colored necklace from Etsy is a nice, soft accent to pair with an off-white lace blouse.


And speaking of blouses, I do like sheer, pastel colored blouses, that are the perfect pop of color for spring (like this mint one below)…


I also adore these mint Ray-Ban shades…


Which would pair nicely with these mint colored stud earrings…


One last accessory, how adorable is this little mint coin purse?!?


Now on to the home accessories.  We are in desperate need of a new desk light, and I like the soft mint shade of this task light which would be a nice, soft accent in any office.


We are also in need of a new fan while we wait for our building to turn over our heat back to AC and I think this brightly colored mint fan would be a good fit…


Mint is also a good option for an accent paint color.  It is a nice soft accent color that works beautifully on an exterior (or interior) door.

Image 1Image 2Image 3, Image 4

And it can also be used to paint and repurpose old chairs.  I like the way these mint colored chairs pop in this rustic and neutral space.


And I will likely be dyeing mint-colored eggs this weekend with my nieces and my husband’s family.  These would look really pretty on a white lace tablecloth for Easter brunch, don’t you think?!?


What do you think, are you completely swooning over the new mint-craze, or do you prefer it in small doses like me?!?

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