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Chasing the Chaise Lounge

Lately I have eyeing chaise lounges.  They are the sophisticated, lazy-man’s, lounge chair and they look absolutely exquisite in a space.


I do not discriminate when it comes to the lounge chair.  As long as I can rest my head on the back and put my feet up, we are good to go.  Although the chaise lounge below would come in handy because the wheels on the bottom would make it flexible to fit your needs.  You can easily adjust it to have a better view out your window or to even see the TV.


The soft-pink velvet chaise below is the perfect feminine complement to this masculine and rustic library…


And if your chaise lounge does not have arms, you can rest it against a wall and layer pillows to create a more comfortable reading nook…


And speaking of libraries, the chaise lounge is the perfect edition to any library, so you can put your feet up, have a cup of coffee, grab a book and relax


A neutral lounge chair is a subtle way to add a large furniture piece to your space while still keeping the illusion of more usable space.  And adding color through the use of a decorative blanket will provide a quiet pop and add interest…


And if you are someone who is lucky enough to have enough space for a home theatre, the chaise lounge is the perfect replacement for the traditional theatre chair, don’t you think?!? I love the cozy, brown velvet fabric the ones below are upholstered in…


And well, you get the picture, I really like them.  And I want one.

What do you think?!? Are you pining after the chaise lounge like me?

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