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Weekend Recap…

My weekend recap this weekend is pretty short.  I spent the majority of it in a meeting room with little to report on this design blog but the delicious mints on our conference tables that I continually consumed.  But, I did get the chance to go on a nice walk with my husband and puppy…

And, I did manage to attend a few hours of my good college friend’s bachelorette party on Saturday night.  Although I had to leave early because of my early wake up call on Sunday morning.

It was dreary and stormy weather most of the weekend, which made me secretly happy because I was stuck indoors…


I also took a long nap late Sunday afternoon which was AMAZING (this is an old image, but you get the picture)…

And because I was pretty wiped out, I didn’t do a whole lot else besides admiring pretty pictures on the internet, like this cute sequin top…


And this blue leather, vintage rolex…


And relaxing bedrooms like this awesome indoor/outdoor bedroom…


And bright and light-filled dining spaces, like this one below (I LOVE these green metal Tolix chairs!)…


How was your weekend?!? I hope it was a little bit more exciting than mine!

Happy Monday!


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