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The Cabin

Growing up my family would go to my grandparents cabin in the summer, to what we would call “Up North.” I haven’t been up north in about two years, but we are trying to plan a big family trip there sometime this summer.  Here is a little sneak peek of my last trip there…

We like to take our dogs with us to the cabin and try to get them to swim.  Sumo doesn’t really like water, but she was getting so upset when Charlotte (the dog next to her below) was swimming, that I thought I’d help her out a bit and drop her in.  She got me back a little bit later by running away and making me chase her through the woods…

We spend a lot of time outdoors at the cabin during the day, and at night, playing card and board games and have a drink or two…

AND, if we are feeling brave, we venture out to the dock at night.  It is always pitch black, which can be a little bit eery…(this usually ends in someone say they heard something in the woods and we all sprint back indoors as fast as possible)

Anyways, after that trip down memory lane, I came across a few images that remind me of being at our cabin, and how calm and peaceful it always feels (especially because our cell phones rarely work when we get there so you can really disconnect from everything).  There are a few details that always remind me of being up north, and the images below truly capture those feelings…

1. FIR TREES: There is something about being completed surrounded by fir trees, with the sun pouring through small openings in the trees that is unequivocally relaxing


2. DOCK ON THE BAY: I love just sitting on the dock, either gazing at the incredibly still lake, sunbathing, reading a book, or doing a little bit of swimming.


3. COZY CLOTHING: The temperature in the summer at the cabin is usually moderate and is always a nice break from the humid and hot weather we usually get in the Midwest.  It is the perfect time to pull out comfy, cozy sweaters and sweats…not to mention with all of the activity that takes place at the cabin, whether it be fishing, canoeing, swimming, biking, walking, running, or using those trusty stomach muscles to swing swiftly in the hammock, it is much easier done in comfy clothing.


4. PUPPY TIME: Our dogs all love being up north as well and we always get good quality time in together while on vacation…


5. WILDLIFE: Whether spotting deer, bears, wolves, foxes or fish, there is always sure to be a variety of wildlife encountered.  P.S. I am LOVING this piece of artwork below…


6. CAMPING and 7. DRYING CLOTHES ON THE CLOTHESLINE: When it would get really crowded at our cabin (we have a big family), some of us would have to camp out.  It was always fun to have such a large gathering of people all together at once.  Which also always resulted in many, many towels continually trying to dry out on the clothesline.


7. THE CABIN: It is pretty clear, that a cabin is a always a reminder of being at the cabin.  Not to state the obvious, but I really liked this image…


8. TIME SPENT WITH LOVED ONES: And last but not least, it the perfect place for some quality time with loved ones.


Ahhh, memories.  Do you have somewhere you vacation at every summer?!?


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