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Weekend Recap…

It was a sunny and crisp weekend and we spent a lot of time outdoors on walks with Sumo.  Sumo had a lot of energy this weekend, and my husband and her played sticks and she mistook his arm for the stick…oops!

But they both recovered and we kept walking to admire some wildlife, including wolves at the zoo, butterflies and colorful flowers…

On the weekends, some lounging and nap time is always a necessity and this included relaxing on the couch and reading.  I read the new Domino magazine which had some fun makeover tips and my husband researched the ‘brain power’ recipe book to find some new recipes…

Then we had some more outdoor time, went grocery shopping at Whole Foods to stock up for our new brain power recipes, and watched the vivid and picturesque sunset from our apartment…

I also had a fun time at my sister-in-laws bachelorette party on Saturday night.  There were a lot of people out to celebrate including my cousin and both of her sisters.  We had an awesome dinner at Alhambra Palace in the West Loop where we watched belly dancers which was then followed by karaoke and dancing.

After which I needed a long nap on Sunday.


I hope you had a great weekend too! And below is a little bit of inspiration for your Monday morning! xo



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