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Neon Yellow

Lately I am loving the color: neon yellow.  And maybe it is just me, but I seem to be seeing it everywhere lately.  Back in the day, in an Economics class I took, I remember learning a theory about the color yellow, that seeing the color yellow pop up  in more places (like on a woman’s dress for instance) is a sign of a strong economy.  Now, I honestly cannot say for certain whether I am remembering this theory accurately at all–I mean as a design student, I would sometimes get so bored that I would fall asleep in my Econ class, so it is very likely that I just fell asleep one day and dreamt that my professor had all of a sudden related Econ to color…but I digress.  Either way, the color yellow reminds me of sunshine and happy days and when it becomes so intense that it can be deemed NEON, it works amazingly as a striking accent.

Anyways, back to my story about the color yellow popping up everywhere. I swear I have been seeing it everywhere these days (or so it seems).

I have been seeing it indoors…

Like painted on these gorgeous, bright yellow, high gloss doors.  A little bit of a statement color (like yellow), goes a LONG way.


And on furniture and fixtures, like this awesome dining room with a yellow chandelier, table and chairs.  The variety of surfaces in this space casts a beautiful, luminous, yellow glow.  P.S. do you love the french doors and decorative metal balcony as much as I do?


While this bedroom is not exactly neon, it is blatantly yellow and I could not stop looking at it.  Plus, I have been on the market for a gorgeous fabric to utilize as a headboard, and I thought this was an interesting selection.  I also enjoyed the variety of textures in the bedding and…that breakfast in bed, yes please!


I have also been spying yellow outdoors…

Like on all of the sunlit yellow flowers and plants that keep popping up everywhere.

And lastly, back to the Econ theory, I have been noticing it on people…

Like on this cute sweater from Madewell.


Or on this vivid yellow maxi skirt…


Or these cute statement piece necklaces.  Because seriously, nothing makes a statement like yellow does.



What do you think?!? Are you a fan of it too? I can tell you one thing, there is nothing like bright, caffeinated yellow to jumpstart your Wednesday morning…



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