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Today I want to be…

On vacation.  I am incredibly sluggish, tired, and low on energy this week. Perhaps this has something to do with the new detox/nutrition plan I am on where I just cut meat and cheese out of my diet. Sad face. Either way, instead of going to work this morning, I would like to be:

1. Vacationing in Maine.


2. Staying in this adorable cottage.


3. Reading, relaxing and having coffee while sitting on an adirondack chair in this amazing backyard and next to this awesome outdoor fireplace.


4. Going rafting on the Penobscot river. (the last time we went, we used Northern Outdoors and had an amazing time!)


5. Enjoying lobster from this lobster pound.


6. Hiking and playing on the beach in Acadia National Park.


7. Roasting s’mores around this cozy and rustic fire pit.


8. Eating this fresh blueberry pie.


9. Wearing this comfy-casual clothing and cozying up in this warm blanket (Pendleton wool blanket, bright yellow Hunter boots, Chinti and Parker cashmere sweater, MiH jeans, Top Shop leather bag, Distressed baseball hat)

10. While wondering the streets in Bar Harbor.


What would you like to be doing today?!?

Speaking of Maine, here is a little trip down memory lane of my last vacation there (gives me something to dream about while working on the computer for the next 8-9 hours).  Happy face.

It was a blast, we stayed in this cute little cabin that our friend won in an auction (my husband and I ended up sharing a bedroom with our two other friends, one twin bed per couple!)…

We went hiking…

Saw amazing views from the top…

We went rafting on the Penobscot river…

We went fishing in Bar Harbor (and I actually caught a fish! but it was so cute so I threw him back in…)…

We played with made a fire (and did the whole s’mores thing)…

I had fun trying out the ‘fish-eye’ function on my new camera (it’s funny every time)…

We ate lots’o lobster and blueberry pie!…

We went running on trails…

We cooked, did puzzles and played euchre (while enjoying some wine) on this cute picnic table in our screened in porch…

Ahh, memories…Have a great weekend! xo

6 thoughts on “Today I want to be…

  1. Claire… I live right here in Maine, and your post even has me wanting to experience the state the way you did! Hmmmm… maybe a quick trip down to Bar Harbor is in order for the weekend 🙂

  2. Claire – this post was so fun to read! “I just loved it!” I framed a pic of our awesome table setting… it’s perfect for your blog!

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