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Relaxed Roman Shades

Relaxed Roman shades. Also referred to as soft Roman shades. My mom is looking for new window coverings for her living room (and possibly dining room), and she wants something less formal and more casual than her current window coverings. And since she has the same good taste as I do (where do you think I get it from!), she wants to get relaxed Roman shades. Which I happen to be secretly pining for lately. Therefore, it was not difficult for me to pull together some imagery inspiration for my mom. So Mom, this one is for you…


Designer’s Tip: Hang the shades a few inches above the actual window frame (and be sure to take your measurements from this point).  This allows for more window exposure when the shades are raised AND it will appear like your windows are larger than they actually are.  That sounds like two wins to me.






What do you think, do you like the relaxed Roman like my mom and I?

P.S. Mom, more tips and actual sources to follow via email (possibly just in time for Mother’s Day :-))


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