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Today I want to be…

1. On the beach somewhere warm and breezy…


2. Reading this controversial book…

3. While lying on my beach blanket… (A few cute options…)

One, two, three, four, five, six

4. Wearing this big, floppy hat (and lots of SPF)…


J.Crew has this cute one!

5. Sipping on this lavender mojito…

Image and Recipe here

6. And having this be my hardest decision of the day…


But instead I am up really early to make a smoothie, walk the dog, and get ready for work.  And in case you are like me and need a little bit more of a visual vacation before finishing the last work day of the week, here are a few photographs of a cute and casual beach house found on Martha Stewart Living (more images here).  Have a great weekend! xo

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