weekend recaps

Weekend Recap

This past weekend we had beautiful, sunny and warm weather all weekend…

And although I had a seven hour work meeting on Saturday, I did manage to spend my fair share of time outdoors.  I went on a few outdoor runs over the weekend, and felt a little bit like a tourist, but I snapped a few pictures along the way.  I managed to hit many different bodies of water on my running path including:

A pond…

Another stunning view of the pond…

A lake…

And an even bigger lake (Lake Michigan)…

Then, Sumo and I did spend some time indoors as well.  This mostly included relaxing on the couch, napping, sipping hot tea, surfing the internet or watching TV…

And per my Friday post (Today I want to be…), Sumo and I did manage to make it a beach.  Even though this beach might not be as clean or pristine as the beaches from my post, it definitely served it’s purpose…

And since the men (including my husband) were in Vegas for a bachelor party, I had a girls night on Saturday, where we made pizza, drank wine, and talked about weddings.  We were trying to find some bridesmaid dress options for my cousin’s wedding in September.  She would like to do peach dresses and we found these cute, affordable options below from Donna Morgan.  What do you think?!?

Besides a few other errands, that about summed up my weekend.  How was yours?!?


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