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Healthful Habits

Today I wanted to share with you some of my healthy habits, because I’ve been on a bit of a health kick lately. This has included reading and/or planning to read as many food and nutrition-related books as possible:

Reading and subscribing to food and fitness blogs on my Google Reader (a few of my favorites!):

And of course, trying to shape up my eating habits and working out habits more.

So, as I am in the midst of my own, crash-course on healthy eating and living, I wanted to share a few of the things I’ve done along the way that seem to help me. And, I was hoping you’d all share your tips too!

1. Pedometer

On the days I can remember to, wearing a pedometer helps me track my steps (I strive for 10,000 each day) and if I’m low then it motivates me to take the stairs or go on a longer walk with Sumo (the dog). And if you are in the market for one, the pedometer below helps to fund a mammogram and provides breast cancer awareness.

2. Yoga

Yoga seems to be the answer for many issues, it can help ease aches and pains, works as a mediation and can keep you relaxed, stretches your muscles while working toxins out, and the list of benefits can go on.  My work is currently providing us each one fitness-type class and I’ve picked a level II yoga class that I go to on Monday evenings.  It is the perfect relaxing start to my work week.


3. Morning smoothies

I’ve been using a modified version of Kimberly Snyder’s Glowing green smoothie below, subbing pineapple for pear, substituting kale and parsley for romaine lettuce, not using celery, and adding coconut oil.  The key to this smoothie is mixing the greens with water in a blender first and making sure it is blended prior to adding the rest of the ingredients.  I love this and it lasts me until lunch (which usually ends up being after 1 PM because I walk my dog over the lunch hour).


4. Vitamins and Supplements

I could dedicate an entire post just to supplements, so maybe I will chat more about these on another day, but some of the vitamins and supplements I take are (although I am not good about taking them everyday): chia seeds and maca powder (sprinkled in food or smoothies), spirulina, and my hair and nail supplement, Phytophanere.

5. Lemon water

Not only does adding lemons to water make it taste a little better so that you’re more likely to drink more of it, but it also provides healthy benefits for the body.  Ten benefits of drinking lemon water are explained here, but for a short summary, some of the benefits include: lemon water aids in digestion, helps your skin including providing anti-aging benefits, is good for your teeth and gums, cures throat infections, assists with weight loss (warm lemon water + honey is recommended), helps with respiratory disorders, high blood pressure and rheumatism, reduces fever and acts as a blood purifier.


6. Green tea

Green tea has many important antioxidants, specifically catechins, that help maintain good health.  The green tea below (Good Earth’s Jasmine Green Tea) is my new favorite! I’ve tried many different varieties, but I love this tea from Good Earth because the Jasmine provides the perfect floral buffer to the strong green tea flavor.

7. Salads

I try to have at least one a day. My favorite right now is sort of a random combination of ingredients, but is spinach, Swiss chard and Romaine greens topped with grape tomatoes, black beans, avocado, sunflower seeds, walnuts and a little bit of dressing or salsa.  Sometimes to mix it up, I will add egg whites (mixed with water, Celtic sea salt and pepper before cooking) and put it all in a tortilla (the second picture below is the one made the other which was delicious!).


8. Good-for-you snacks

Some of my favorites are: frozen blueberries, raw almonds and walnuts, grapes, carrots, and apple or banana with unsweetened peanut butter.

Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4, Image 5, Image 6

9. Walking the dog

I know I have to do this everyday rain or shine, but since I am putting in the effort, I feel it deserves a spot on this list.  Benefits include: happy dog and cardiovascular exercise! (the picture below is of my husband and Sumo walking, but you get the picture).

10. Minimal meat and dairy

While I have not completely eliminated meat or dairy, I have slightly sort of reduced my intake.  I have serious love affair with cheese, and there are certain meals that just do not feel complete with really good bison, steak, chicken or fish, but when I can, I try to have my meals filled with more vegetables than meat or dairy.

And last, but not least, more workout to get my heart rate moving.  I sort of hate going to the gym, but I love to run outside with music.  Okay, so those are some of the things I have been doing lately as I have become more mindful about my overall health, but what do you do?!? I’d love to hear from you and I’d also love to hear your thoughts on my list of healthy tips (and also if you do not agree with any of them!). So please do share and until next time… xo

8 thoughts on “Healthful Habits

  1. I also walk my dogs every day for at least forty-five minutes at the park ch I always forget counts as exercise since it is so automatic. I wish I was better about drinking green tea, but one drink I have been better with drinking is apple cider vinegar (Braggs).

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