Sorry for being delinquent the past few days, I have no excuse except that I was tired from traveling and attending my brother’s wedding over the weekend (which was AMAZING and very fun by the way, and I will share some pictures and stories later on).  But, in the spirit of my delinquency to this blog the past few days, I thought it would be fitting to blog about something rebellious. Like tattoos. Now, I don’t have a tattoo or have any plans to get one anytime soon (nor have I ever had plans to get one except a short while as a teenager when I wanted one on my foot). However, I’ve come across a few tattoos that in my opinion are small enough to cover up with a watch, etc., and could be inspirational to read and look at everyday…

Home is where the heart is — this is a little bit too big and noticeable for my taste, but I like the idea behind it! (oh and the pretty font!)


I have absolutely no idea what this says, but it seems sweet and romantic


Que sera sera, whatever will be, will be.  I like this saying and sometimes repeat it to myself when I am frustrated or upset, so I kind of like this one too…


Alive.  This one is small yet dramatic.  But I kind of like it.


Create.  For obvious reasons, as a designer, I like this one.  It serves as a constant reminder to create and be creative.  And it is carefree and fun (and the complete opposite of my previous image).


Do you have a tattoo? Would you ever consider getting one and if so, what would it be??

If I got one today, it would be on the inside of my wrist and say, “thankful for this day.”  But, to reiterate, I don’t plan to get one (and if you’re wondering why, check out my post on commitment issues), but instead thought it would be fun to blog about.  I promise I will be back tomorrow, but until then, here is a little bit of inspiration to get you through this hump day…


So make it count.  Which reminds me, over the weekend, we were hanging out with my sister-in-law’s little sister who taught us a new phrase that is all the rage with high school kids these days, and it is, YOLO.  Pronounced just as you guessed.  Stands for: You only live once.


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