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Pretty in plum…

Every once in a while you may see a reoccurring theme on this blog, which is likely a strong indication that I like something. A lot. And today, that reoccurring theme is purple, and more specifically plum. Which I talked a little bit about here. But I’d like to discuss it further today. Mainly because I cannot get enough of it lately so it gave me an excuse to look at pretty, purple pictures.  Let me just take a few minutes to explain why I am loving this color so much lately (and maybe I can convince you to as well!).


Why plum?

This rich, velvety color works on many different materials and applications including outfits, food, accessories, exteriors, furniture, and well, the list goes on and on…

1. Fashion:

I am partial to light and loose fabrics that do well in the summer breeze and this plum blouse below is no exception.  It works nicely with neutral accessories like the tan, gold and denim below.


While I already own a pair of Hunter boots in green, shall I ever indulge in a second pair, plum would be the natural choice…


A purple scarf provides a nice pop of color to any outfit…


2. Exteriors

While plum may seem to be a bold choice as an accent paint color for your exterior door, it is definitely one worth considering…


3. Food

The tablecloth, the dishes, the flowers, the food, the wine, the mention of ‘weekend’–and all in the color purple?!?  I think there is more than one reason that I love the image below…


I also have a serious addiction to mint-flavored food items, so I thought something that has the ability to combine two things that I equally love (violet + mint) must be great as well…


Plum and raspberry, frozen and cold, is the perfect, refreshing summer dessert, don’t you think?!?




4. Furniture

This divine, crushed velvet, delicate, soft plum okay fine, it’s actually more of a lavender armchair would be darling next to a camel colored, masculine leather chair (and would make perfect his & hers chairs!).  I think I could have a lot of fun designing a room around this…


 5. Accessories

Isn’t this Etsy purple lace iphone case adorable?  I wouldn’t mind ‘signing off’ for a while if my lil ole’ iphone could nap in such a cute space!


A dash or sprinkle of purple in a space provides a rich burst of color and plays nicely with black accents…


6. Flowers

And last but not least, purple flowers.


And if you just cannot get enough of this color (like me!) then stop by my Pinterest page because I have an entire board dedicated to it, entitled, ‘Purple Love.’

But if purple isn’t your thing, I’ll also leave you with this inspirational quote (in purple no less!). xo


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