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Madeline Weinrib Textiles and at Home

Are you familiar with Madeline Weinrib’s website?  Her high-end, luxurious textiles include fabrics, carpets, pillows, furniture and bedding and they are the perfect Tuesday visual treat.   And today I am going to hone in on her carpets and rugs.  I absolutely love the variety of textures and colors in the rugs.  Between Tibetan, vintage Moroccan, cotton, wool flatweave and chenille metallic, it is hard to misstep.  Below I have compiled (just a few!) of my favorite ones:

And if you are like me, you might be curious how someone with access to such beautiful textiles lives.  So lucky for you (and me!), Elle Decor did the legwork and here is a little sneak peek of her New York loft life.  I don’t know how she decides what to keep for herself and in her home with so many amazing options.  Hey Madeline, if you need an interior designer sidekick to help you sort through those seriously tough decisions, I am currently free and at your disposal (just sayin’).

But anyways, back to Madeline Weinrib’s loft living.  The woman behind the design…

As I like to preach (and Madeline seems to share this vision), white walls are the perfect backdrop for showcasing beautiful fabrics, unique accessories and vintage finds…

And by keeping your major furniture pieces in neutral tones, you can accentuate the pattern and intricate detailing in your accessory pieces…

It is probably no surprise that she has this in her home, but a cabinet just for housing vintage fabrics?!? Sign me up…

And lastly, the bedroom.  A perfectly balanced combination of textures, patterns and art.

And if you want to see a little bit more, all of these photos, plus an article and EVEN more pictures can be found on the Elle Decor website, right here.  Check it out.  And until next time, I will be scouring the internet for pretty fabrics for my new dining room chair cushions (or I will be commuting to work).

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