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Today I want to be…

Standing small in the midst of expansive terrain while enjoying an amazing view and listening to the sounds of rapidly rushing water crash through jagged rocks…



As it has been a long and tiring week.  So, to let my mind (and yours!) wonder on this beautiful Friday morning, lets start the day off in a *beautiful* place and drift into a long, restful and relaxing weekend…

(and you may be wondering why a picture of traffic could ever be relaxing, but this photo almost captures the feeling that time has stopped, just for a minute, and it seems quite peaceful actually).









Okay, that is all I have for now.  I hope you have enjoyed my random collection of imagery and I hope that your weekend is equally beautiful and relaxing.

On another note, do you use Prismatic?  It is a new website that generates a news feed of relevant articles based on information gathered from major social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Google Reader.  You start by signing in through one of your social networking websites.  Then Prismatic will provide you with suggested categories to add based on your interests that are relayed through these sites.  Below are the categories that popped up for me…

Of notable interest on my suggested list are Thanksgiving and cheese. You may also not be surprised to learn that my husband (whose major interests on Prismatic showed up with things such as entrepreneurs, start-ups, finance, health and fitness and NPR), was particularly puzzled by ‘condiments’ as appearing as a strong interest in my list. But, I’m straying from my main point here which is that Prismatic is pretty much awesome. Once I was able to lure myself away from selecting categories such as Thanksgiving, birthdays and lakes as my main areas of interest, I was incredibly impressed with the variety and quality of articles that appeared in my feed.  Within minutes, I was introduced to this new website, LifeEdited, and this amazing video showing a teeny tiny Swiss Army style apartment that can transform from a small studio into a two-bedroom apartment with dining room and full-functioning kitchen.  You’ve gotta check it out.  Especially since I know your email inbox is slow on this Friday morning.

And, with that, Happy Friday and I will see you again bright and early Monday morning! xo


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