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Drought is defined in the dictionary as:


[drout]  noun

  1. a period of dry weather, especially a long one that isinjurious to crops.
  2. an extended shortage: a drought of good writing.
  3. Archaic . thirst.

This word happens to pretty much sum up a few things that are occurring simultaneously in my life.  In Chicago right now, we are experiencing incredibly dry weather, with soaring temperatures and not much rain to speak of.  This is evidenced by my walk with Sumo yesterday…

Sumo had nothing to nap on outside except for dried up, coarse, dying grass.  But since this Shiba Inu’s favorite pastimes include: sunbathing and sleeping or sunbathing while sleeping, she did settle quite nicely on the new hay-like texture of her otherwise well-manicured, soft green grass.

This so-called drought has affected me in a few ways. The first is, I have been spending a lot more time outdoors lately (we have to take advantage of these really nice summer days, because this drought also equals warm, sunny days).  Two is, it in turn means that I have been spending much less time indoors and much less time blogging.  Which is why you have not seen much of me over the past four days.  Which brings me to the #2 listed definition of ‘drought’ in the dictionary: “an extended shortage: a drought of good writing.”  For obvious reasons, this drought of rain (which equals sun) has caused more outdoor time, but the effect is a drought of blogging.  And then after parading around the first two definitions, we inevitably end up running into the 3rd definition of “thirst.”  Which can also have many meanings.  But in this case, my drought of writing has created a thirst to write again (hence this Wednesday AM post) and the actual drought outdoors has spawned a literal thirst for rain, or more specifically water, which will turn our parks and city GREEN again.

And today I am going to talk more about WATER.  Because I would like to show you some very unique uses of water.

First up, is this bathroom tub.  Ingenious really.  A thick sheet of glass wedged between a tile surround.

Image, originally found here

This idea can also be utilized in a pool…


And imagine having your house just transition into the water (like these amazing steps that trickle into this gorgeous pool)…


And speaking of pools and smooth transitions, this pool almost looks like a lake.  Can you imagine having this in your backyard?!?


And lastly, while on the topic of droughts, if you have been following the tragic wildfires in Colorado and Utah, you can donate at Help Colorado Now, or go to and to make an online donation, or text REDCROSS to 90999 to make automatic $10 donations to disaster relief.

I promise to back again soon, but until then, I will leave you with one more, water-filled image! xo



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