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Today I want to be…

Waking up in this sunny bedroom with these crisp white linens, and a croissant and cappuccino to top it off…


Spending the rest of the morning watching the sunrise while reading and relaxing here…


Hanging out with this cute little Shiba Inu puppy…


Enjoying this hearty vegetable soup for lunch…


Taking an afternoon run (and/or stroll) here…


Lying down to an afternoon nap here…


Having this be my most challenging conversation of the day…(moo)


Spending the evening, watching the sunset, drinking red wine and grilling out here


While I am not exactly doing those things, I am however dressed cool and casual this morning trying not melt on my way to work as the high predicted for today is a measly 99 degrees.  And I do get to spend the evening with 3 of my favorite girls to celebrate an engagement at a fun (and new-to-me) sushi spot in Wicker Park.  So it is a Happy Thursday!


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