4th of July · Beach · beach house · White and Gray spaces

Summertime at the Beach

Yesterday, we spent the majority of the hot, 100+ degree, 4th of July holiday at the beach.  Swimming, lounging, playing volleyball, then grabbing a few drinks and snacks at a picnic area on the beach while hanging out with our friends a little longer.  While the beach we went to in Chicago (North Avenue Beach) was incredibly crowded, and swarming with people, with the sounds of lifeguards over the loud speaker constantly searching for parents to come and collect their missing children, it was still somehow a very relaxing and fun day at the beach.  And although I did not capture any pictures from yesterday, I thought I could instead share some beautiful pictures from the Etsy shop, Eye Poetry, of relaxing beaches.  You can also check out more of their imagery or order prints here.

Now just add a few hundred more people, a wee bit more garbage and glass, some bikers and runners dodging unsupervised children, a few volleyball nets and barbecues and you pretty much have the perfect ‘visual snapshot’ of my day.  Thank you for capturing it so well Eye Poetry.  But seriously, nothing could beat how amazing the ice cold Lake Michigan water felt on such a brutally hot day.

P.S. speaking of the beach, this is an oldie but a goodie, below are a few snapshots from Meg Ryan’s gorgeous beach home on Martha’s Vineyard that was featured in Elle Decor here(P.P.S. more images can be found here)

Light, open, airy, lots of windows, high ceilings, white walls, neutral furniture, beautiful architectural details, plants and greenery, industrial lighting…I mean, this house is perfection when it comes to a beach home (or any home for that matter)…

It is simplicity and minimalism at its shining best.  I also love how fresh fruit and flowers provide the small accents of color in this casual-chic space…

Here’s to hoping for a trip to somewhere cool, breezy and relaxing (or at least an end to this heat wave?). In the meantime, I’ll be spending some Quality Time with these two (thank you to my 5-1/2 day vacation)…

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